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Who we are?

Income Formula was established by a group of independent professional stock traders in 2015 for the purpose of creating and application of highly efficient and winning stock trading strategies for differing market conditions. Since then Income Formula stock traders have acquired a wide array of unique, insightful and active stock trading techniques to make money in both up and down markets with strong attention to risk control.

 Income Formula team is committed to increasing clients wealth by leveraging strategic market relationships and using the widest possible trading resources at our disposal to build, develop and manage flexible investment solutions that drive financial performance throughout all market conditions. Income Formula aims for strong investment performance through original thinking and first-hand research.

What we do?

Income Formula experienced team has been trading carefully selected high-dividend paying stocks, bonds, options and derivatives. As every microsecond counts in the active trading world, our traders are equipped with sophisticated stock trading technologies, including software and execution algorithms to facilitate effective execution of the traders order flow, order entry platforms and trading tools to meet the needs of their succeeding trading styles. They have streamlined the trading processes and thus become more efficient in the high-frequency trading space.

 Income Formula's principal goal is to achieve superior investment results for its clients. We offer the best investment packages and strive for the maintenance of a good level of customers' service.